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High Profile & Exclusive

Purpose, vision, values


To continue creating proven solutions that drive innovation and creativity through doing business with compassion for the development of a sustainable enviornment.



To be the obvious first choice.


Our motto

Unique Event, Lasting Memories.



We constantly build, maintain and value trusty and trustworthy partnerships by applying professionalism, flexibility and positivity.

We are dedicated to collaborate as a team, towards mutual goals, always with our colleagues and customers in the center of attention



“T: Together

E: Everyone

A: Achieves

M: More”



“There is no such thing as a problem. Only an unsolved case!”

Through our passion for positive leadership and teamwork, we create an innovative, supportive and fun work – environment.

We believe in the strength and uniqueness in every individual. Our group of people consists of a handpicked team with the passion and desire for exploring undiscovered secrets and hidden treasures!

Our teams focus on their strengths and demonstrate a strong “can-do” attitude through a positive mindset and dedication.



One finds limits by pushing them. – Herbert Simon

Through our projects, challenges, our clients and each other, we find inspiration. To see an idea take form and develop into a project gets us motivated!


Environment and sustainability

Miit is built on a foundation of sustainability and value-added services. We strive to meet our client’s expectations without compromising with ethics and the world around us, and the future of the planet. The greatest challenges of our time are linked to a scarcity of resources and environmental problems. We strive to create fantastic, unique experiences, by implementing clever, energy-efficient solutions for our clients, where we strive for sustainability at every turn through combining tourism with sustainability – partnering with actors within eco-tourism.


Sustainable business isn’t just about being a “green organization”. It also includes ethics, hard and soft law and respect for local customs, as well as taking responsibly to provide for the future generations. It’s about human compassion. As a result of this we have established miitHouse, one of our latest charity projects. We strive to work according to these basic principles, and you will be able to read more about how we implement our philosophy into practice under the category Press and miitHouse.


Keep our promises



Your business is our business 

We are determent to strive for excellence and committed to achieve agreed upon results partnering with our clients.

We are highly result oriented and strongly motivated to meet our client’s expectations.

We empathize strong accountability and a hands- on strategy, as well as transparency and openness.

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