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Vidar Hansen


vidar hansen                                     

Successful negotiations in business is an un debatable asset to achive sucess and Your company's goals. Sometimes it is fair play, sometimes it is not. When are You able to tell the difference?

Vidar Hansen is one of Norway's most coveted mind readers. With his unique shows and amazing abilities, he has entertained at numerous events on the international and Norwegian market. Over one decade, he changed the Norwegian entertainment-industry by showing spectacular, intelligent, inspiring and extraordinary performances.

With an over 14 years of experience from the police force, Vidar Hansen has delighted audiences both in Norway and on the international marked. In 2010 he and his partner was awarded “The Norwegian Police Award" for having arrested the highets number of criminals in Norway

Vidar Hansen is often referred to as our modern-day Sherlock Holmes. He has an ability to read and analyze people at lightning speed. He claims to have no supernatural abilities, but uses the five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense.

This is something new and an exciting way to entertain your guests!

You won't believe it until you see it!






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