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Francois Sibbald


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Create that wow!-effect on Your next event! Experience Norway’s best edutainer.

’Edutainment’ is a coined word consisting of the English words ’education’ and ’entertainment’. This pedagogical and innovative means of communication is both entertaining and efficient in relation to adaptation of new and lasting knowledge.

François Sibbald is a well educated edutainer. He has 7 years of higher education and he has degrees in several languages, teaching and communication. Francois is fluent in English, Dutch and Norwegian and he is also speaks German and French.

His workload increased gradually due to good response from customers and word of mouth marketing. Due to this ever growing demand Francois stopped teaching in 1999 and focused 100% on his career as an edutainer and artist. During his career, Francois has developed many different characters and presentation forms which are widely used by numerous companies both in Norway and abroad.

Today he is a well-known speaker, a professional stand up comedian, an excellent motivator and a moderator with a wide range of material. Francois is used in both humorous and serious contexts. His educational background and years of experience give him a strong selling point compared to many other comedians and speakers. Francois has performed for audiences from 15 to 5.000 people.

In order to save the element of surprise, Francois has chosen to stay out of the limelight and he avoids media attention. This is another big advantage for his performances in corporate business since it allows the reuse of his services. This professional artist can appear at many events since he has several entertaining characters.

In addition to hundreds of performances in Norway, Francois has also performed in many cities abroad. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Hannover, Paris, Nice, Vienna, Mallorca, Madrid, Barcelona and Athens are some of the cities where he has performed for international customers.

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