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Andi Osho




Clever, tasteful and highly entertaining - apropriate for Your corporate event no matter where in the world you may be.

As an actress, comedian and writer, Andi Osho has been performing since 2003 when she strode the boards in her stage debut, What Happened Last Night? Though not formally recognised as a classic (it was dire) Osho made the most of this gay rape pantomime and went from strength to strength, pursuing her acting dream, going on to appear in a plethora of UK soaps, dramas and comedy – totally nailing the portrayal of characters who work in the emergency services. This included a police officer in Waking The Dead, A doctor in Footballer’s Wives and four appearances in Eastenders as a nurse (a different one each time, which technically makes her a qualified medical practitioner).

If this weren’t enough of an achievement (for Andi, the ’I’ve made it’ moment came as she coughed her way through the Live at The Apollo dry ice but whatever), Andi also won not one, but two Mastermind crowns when she chose The Matrix Trilogy and then host John Humphrys as her specialist subjects (luckily the Radio 4 stalwart and political commentator had a sense of humour about it or that could have been a very awkward 30 minutes of television). Andi is now well established as a regular contributor on TV and Radio as well as her continued live work on the stand up circuit including three live solo stand up tours. 



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